Thomas and Friends Ultra eBook Adventure Builder

Ages 4-6

Thomas & Friends come to life on every page of this Ultra eBook! Chug along with Thomas as he tries to find the penguins that have escaped, and bring them safely to the zoo. Choose your path (or track) through the story and see how it changes the ending in this Adventure Builder Ultra eBook!

This digital story is written at 3 levels — from simple text to more complex words and sentences. Story levels adjust automatically for just the right challenge. Story text written for LeapPad reading levels 1-3. Thomas and Friends Ultra eBook experience designed for pre-K to Kindergarten.

See the story animate and touch words to see and hear them sounded out! Choose where Thomas goes next to change the story!

IMPORTANT: This Ultra eBook app is the same as the cartridge version.

Size: 90 MB  
Works with: Works with: LeapPad1 , LeapPad2 and LeapPad Ultra
LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad2 and LeapPad1

Price: $25

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